Typical conversation with record labels

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Typical conversation with record labels. Just had one today (again):

Label: Hey, you got great stuff, give it to us, we will pay you a % and we will make it bigger!

Imperial Age: a) How exactly are you going to make it bigger? and b) we already have very good sales going on, so its not you paying us a %, its us sharing our revenue with you.

Label: Well, we will utilize our network, our partners, you know we have big companies’ contacts, it will be cool

Imperial Age: Can you please give a CONCRETE LIST of what we are going to get in return for OUR CONCRETE money?

Label: Yes of course, you will get promotion, your sales will go up, we will use several hacks and tweaks here and there πŸ˜‰

Imperial Age: Usually label promotion consists of: PR (reviews, news and interviews in online and printed media), Spotify editorial playlists placement (such as ‘Heavy Metal’, ‘Epic & Melodic’, ‘Heavy Queens’ etc.), festival slots, support tours and online ads. We are much better than you at online ads, so we are only interested in the other 4. So for your share of the money, how many publications, playlist placements, support tours and festival slots will you give us?

Label: Well, you can’t know for sure, its a long proccess, we are running a marathon here you know…

Imperial Age: Ok, so basically you want us to accept contractual obligations to share with you a large chunk of our gross income, but in return you are not ready to assume any contractual obligations yourselves except releasing the music, i.e. we pay you money but in return MAYBE you will do something and MAYBE not?

Label: There is a limit to DIY success. Soon you won’t be able to take care of all the sales yourselves and run to the post office every day.

Imperial Age: Thats precisely why we have already hired 3 full time employees. And they cost much less than your part of the deal…Label: We have made some bands big: Band 1, Band 2, band 3, Band 4, Band 5.

Imperial Age: And what about all those 47 no-name bands on your roster? Why haven’t you made them big?

Label: It depends on the band, on the quality of the music etc.

Imperial Age: So why did you sign them in the first place? And if its about the band, then why do we need you??

Been through this dialogue several times with various people. The end result always looks like this: they take a fixed cut but are not obliged to do anything fixed in return.

Thanks to our fans, we have tremendous sales going on through our webshop, and this allows us to choose whom we work with. Amazing! πŸ™‚

Would anyone reading this share real income money in exchange for vague promises? ))

P.S. You can buy or CDs and merch at our Webshop. We deliver worldwide.


  • Eddy Berton says:

    F**k’n good one Aor. Those Labels. are all just pop culture idiots in suits. They don’t give a shit about music there in it for the money, that’s why when they sign a band the first thing they do is try to change there look and sound so they can fit you into the pop culture genre where all the big money is, and they now it doesn’t work but they don’t care!once they’ve made there money off you your gone! Stay strong, Stay true and your fans will never leave you. (i did not mean to make that rime, but it’s pretty good) Take care Imperial Age. Lot’s of love from Australia.

  • Janet says:

    Hi Aor good for you stick to your guns… too many greedy troughers in the world

  • I dont know ! If i understand good ! No no no !vous ne parlez pas de stopper dans un tel Γ©lan ! Un tel succΓ¨s de tels talents et je ne veux pas que vous arrΓͺtiez pour quelque soit la raison ! J espere avoir mal compris un message !

  • Joao Peixoto says:

    Well I know that stuff for a long time. Record labels aren’t managed anymore by people who know and respect music.
    I really don’t care about music critics also. You are very good and your music is complex and high level. That said i’m an old guy from prog rock days who loves to hear and play music.
    Keep the good work going.

  • Arthur Jene Wilcox says:

    Received The Legacy Of Atlantis signed CD today.. Thanks for the prompt shipment. My mother will love the Russian stamps.

  • J. Cameron Weckerley says:

    Ha Ha…I love it…thanks for sharing!

  • Julian Navarro says:

    Hi Aor,

    Keep up the excellent work, continue creating such pieces of art. Greetings from Ecuador, South America

  • Georges Boutz says:

    Excellent business acumen you have A.J..
    I used to work with many of the top record label execs in L.A. years ago and that is exactly the way they did “business” then, all bullshit and promises to the artists……the labels got rich, the artists “survived”!
    Keep on rocking and doing it yourselves, you are doing great!

  • John McLardie says:

    At least, by your principled stand, it is unlikely that you will join the long list of bands that have been’screwed over’ by record companies.
    More power to your elbow.

  • Olivier LEGENTIL says:

    Hi Aor,
    Yes ! you’re right ! I like your philosophy and your vision of things.
    I don’t like the system or vampires (except at the cinema!).
    Keep it up.
    The label hasn’t given you any valid answer, that’s an excellent sign !!!
    I support a French group that has never been helped by journalists and record companies, so i understand you.
    Keep doing what you want with the band!
    I love your music, your voices (to all 3). Make us dream.
    Excuse me for my english….(i’m french…)

  • Way back, a band called The ENID, broke away from PYE Label, and started there own marketing etc, and survived. So can you.. Don’t fix, what’s not broken. Keep up the good work…

  • manager says:

    Actually radio is almost irrelevant these days. Spotify has replaced it

  • Paul says:

    Contacts to get gigs is more important. You already have the music and social media to plug it. Where else would the record company plug it? Ask fans to email radio stations to play your tracks and more fans will emerge.

  • Alan Francis says:

    Don’t change things that you are doing. You have been doing all the right things. You have created a large fan base. I see no need to commit to a record label. The success of your Live on Earth stream is a prime example of your continued rise. Can see you to a new level. Have been following you and the band since almost day one. The progression of your style of music has in some way been phenomenal. I wish you all continued success. The record labels need you more than you need them. Keeping progressing under your own steam. All the best for the future. πŸ€˜πŸ‘πŸ€˜

  • Samuel George Hall says:

    (Edit) I know I wouldn’t. You guys have been doing great on your own. Ever since I discovered you, I have recommended you to friends and family. Hopefully, they will get the word out and get you an even larger fanbase. Keep up the good work, and stay true to yourselves and don’t let ANYBODY try to pull a fast one on you.

  • manager says:

    Thanks Martin!! )

  • manager says:

    Thats the case with any record deal…

  • Imperial Age its spinning on Radiobloodstream.com very day 🀘❀️🀘

  • Douglas Kaufman says:

    EXCELLENT summation of the Record Label, self-promotion, spin/shmooze, β€œTrust us!”, sales pitch; in this day and age, there’s really very little reason, a musical artist/s β€œneeds” – or needs to – suck-up to a record label.
    You guys are GREAT; keep on telling the labels to stuff it!

  • andy stringer says:

    You’re right ,they take your money and maybe you get something in return

  • David Brill says:

    So basically they are an advertising agency that MIGHT get you results and are not willing to get paid WHEN your revenue increases. Nice.

  • Andreas Matthes says:

    Go your own Way!!!!!!!

  • Daniel A Nacrelli says:

    The publishing companies have no talent they just have contacts to others like them with money. They take the bulk of the revenues for their contacts. I agree with you. The MUSIC speaks for itself and the listener is attracted to the MUSIC not the label. If you can grow your music on your own then yeah, do it. When you get big enough you can call the shots on all aspects of management and publishing as well as record your music your way and not at the behest of the label that wants to up sales putting profit above the music.

  • Samuel George Hall says:

    I know I wouldn’t. You guys have been doing great on your own. Ever since I discovered you, I have recommended you to friends and family. Hopefully, they will get the worst out and get you an even larger fanbase. Keep up the good work, and stay true to yourselves and don’t let ANYBODY try to pull a fast one on you.

  • Deborah Shearer says:

    Love it, one thing missing is radio plays, I am currently bugging Planet Rock, but yeah, they are not really giving you anything you can’t actually manage by yourselves. When they come back with concrete plans and figures in writing you might think about it

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