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2016 crowdfunding perks are ready

2016 crowdfunding perks are ready

Dear Imperial Age crowdfunders! Dear friends, brothers and sisters in Metal!

You have taken part in our crowdfunding campaign back in 2016, more than 2 years ago, and you have given us more than 3 600 Euros for the recording of our album The Legacy of Atlantis. This helped us greatly (and also demonstrated to some players in the music industry what we are capable of) and we are extremely grateful to you and now has the time come to finally pay you back! 

As you know, the last 15 months have been extremely busy (and successful, which luckily goes hand in hand) for us – on top of producing the new album (and working on our other jobs and businesses to sustain ourselves) we also had to prepare for the huge European tour and then play it, which eventually turned out to be the upmost point in our musical career so far, thanks, again, to you!

The album post-production was barely completed right before the tour began – in January 2018 – and we barely had time to submit it for printing to take with us on tour. Luckily, it happened.

After we returned back from the tour (last concert was 28th April), we were extremely tired and I even fell ill because of all the year-long stress. We desperately needed rest and relaxation.

And finally we are here today, our spirits and bodies restored, and all the crowdfunding perks have FINALLY arrived!!

This was a very long waiting for you. And because of that we decided to extend all the perks, to add MORE stuff for FREE, ON TOP of what had been promised originally!

Below we have posted the new perk sets and the additional items that will be shipped to you this week. Please take a look and come back to us if you have any questions:

Full Merch –
Extended Merch –
Basic Merch –

Again, we are extremely grateful to you for your support and are thinking of more ways to say “thank you!”.

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