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Dear friends! Christmas is already here, and the New Year is around the corner. It is time for contemplating, looking back and looking ahead, analyzing and planning.

2020 has been difficult for many, and I can see (from news feeds and talks in general) that people hope 2021 to be better.

But dates are just numbers, and starting from 02 Jan the magical mood will be gone and replaced by the usual routine.

The truth is – nothing is ever good or bad for everyone.

In the midst of any adversity there are always those who are going upwards. And I dont mean those who exploit others and their hardships. I mean those who see seeds of opportunity where others see problems.

Example: while the entire music industry is set back because there are no concerts, and many rock stars who relied on touring money are suddenly broke, those musicians who know how to engage their fans online are thriving as never before.

So what should we do in order to make the upcoming year better? Not for everyone – thats outside our scope – but for ourselves and those whom we care about?

Well, in order to move anywhere, we should first have an idea of direction, and that in turn implies a goal, a destination. If your ship has no course, none of the winds is going to be good.

So what is the point of it all?

1. What are we living for?

Tons of writers, philosophers, musicians, teachers and other alcoholics have been pondering on this question. The amount of answers approximately equals the number of people trying to answer it.

However, to those who know it, the answer has always been there.

This knowledge is present in all classical magical traditions, which in turn are remnants of ancient science, once developed in prehistoric advanced civilizations (today known as Atlantis, Hyperborea etc).

The answer is – we live FOR THE SAKE OF DEVELOPMENT.

Planet Earth is a living organism. Just as your body consists of billions of cells, the Earth’s body also consists of cells – living beings, Humans included. Cells of the same type (species) form tissues of the macroorganism.

The Planet itself has a consciousness. Just as a beehive or an anthouse has a consciousness which is made up of all the bees’ or ants’ minds, so does the Planetary consciousness consist of the integral consciousnesses of all living things. This super-mind is what monotheistic religions call God. Pagan religions call it Mother Nature, Mother Earth or Gaia.

The planet is growing and developing, and it has certain goals in mind. But just as a little cell on your butt has no idea that you are reading a text now (and cant even understand what a text is), so we can’t understand what the planet is up to. Hence “God works in mysterious ways”.

However, the Planet is moving somewhere. And you are either moving with it, or you get off. You are in a train and you are free to move around inside it, but you are nonetheless moving wherever it is moving, at the same speed.

Imagine cells in your body starting something which goes against your goals (usually known as cancer). What happens in a healthy body? The immune system (in the face of T-killer lymphocytes) appears and clesrly explains to the violators that they shouldnt be there.

Since the Planet is developing, it is vitally interested that its cells develop too – because you can’t develop in parts. Which means that those who follow suit get preferences. And those who dont – those get individually tailored kicks up their asses.

But humans are generally lazy and not very prone to doing anything. Which means that they have to be motivated.

There are two types of motivation – positive and negative.

Positive is when you develop to get something pleasant. Negative is when you develop to avoid something painful.

Most people are only motivated negatively and are generally struggling. Those few who are motivated positively are usually very succesful.

So, what is development then?

Development is evolving – i.e. complicating the given system. A proccessor is more complicated than a mechanic wrist watch. A human being is more complicated than a bacteria.

Evolution means acquisition of new qualities. Qualities you never had before. But not randomly – rather with a specific goal in mind.

The big strong dinosaurs did not evolve in the right direction – and were outlived by little fluffy mammals who did.

So, no matter who we are or what we do, our goal is DEVELOPMENT.

But how do you understand in which direction to develop?

2. Depression vs Motivation

I see more people than ever suffering from depression. Some take medications which temporarily remove the symptoms, but do not solve the problem.

What is depression? Depression is lack of motivation.

But where does our motivation come from? It comes from what we are doing. From our professional “hive mind”. For example if you are a musician, you are motivated by making more and better music and getting more fans. If you are a businessperson, you are motivated by making more money. If you are an athlete, your motivation is delivering higher results. If you are a warrior, your motivation is to strengthen your will and to eradicate fear. And so on – whatever it is in your professional sphere.

So in order to combat depression you must remember what it is that you are doing. Why do you live on this planet. Re-connect to your profession.

Lacking this connection is the essence of depression. And no drug can solve this for you permanently. Its something that you can only do yourself from within.

3. Finding the right goals

But it is always easier said than done. If you feel that whatever you are doing has stopped motivating you – this means you are doing something wrong.

How do you distinguish between the goals which are right and wrong for you?

Its simple:

There are things which charge you with energy. For eg I can write music non-stop for a few days without food, sleep or drink. And it charges me up!

And there are those things which drain you. For eg I hate managing people (although I excel at it and could easily run a big company or a country – but I dont want to).

Whether the activity empowers you or not, whether you enjoy the work, that is a very precise indicator. Focus on those which empower you and eliminate those which drain you.

This is very hard. Often the latter is what pays your bills. But you MUST do it. Not abruptly – that seldom works – but building up your dream brick by brick, until you can finally switch completely.

Before Imperial Age stared bringing enough cash to the table I worked in a non-musical job for almost 10 years, with VERY formidable clients (some in the Forbes top 100, others in the parliament etc.). I HATED IT. It ate away at my very self. Its not what I want to do with the time I have in this life. I actually dont like society at all! All I want to do is live in the forest, write music and practice magic – and tour once a year to see all of you ;). But all those years I was patiently building up my music career. And finally it worked out and its been more than a year since the band rose to a level when I became a free person and dont have to work for anyone. Without any labels and such.

You can do it too. Anyone can. Its not about talent or luck. Its about persistence, effort and patience in the face of adversity.

The alternative is spending your life doing things you hate, benefiting people you dont like, chasing values and goals which are not yours. Thats the easy path. But it never ends well. Its fruits are mental and physical illness, lack of self respect and general negativity.

It really is worth to do those things which empower you and minimize those which drain you. Like with money – minimize expences, maximize income.

4. Stay Healthy

All of the above makes zero sense if you are ill.

Money is not for everyone. Some need it and some are happy without it. For some its even bad. I once taught a guy whose father became a billionaire only to die at 45 from liver cirrosis… and his mother is an alcoholic.

But health is for everyone. Health is THE most important thing for anyone who wants to live.

Your body is the carrier of your consciousness and your means of doing things in the world. Your body is your sacred temple and should be treated as such.

And I dont mean any specific illness. I mean the entire state of your body.

We are being told that wearing things or keeping distance, or washing various parts of the body 91 times a day will keep us healthy. That is all very amusing, but the real (and only) thing that keeps humans healthy is their IMMUNE SYSTEM.

A properly functioning immunity keeps at bay most external and internal enemies of the body.

And there are TONS of them. Your mouth alone has more bacteria and viri than any puddle on the street, and even more than your asshole. A cancerous cell appears on average once every 20 minutes somewhere in your body. And there are many, many other dangers out there.

However, a healthy immune system neutralizes all of them, keeping you safe.

So the only REAL way of staying healthy is to make sure that your immunity is as well as it possibly can be.

And there are multiple ways of doing this – some are admitted by modern science and some not yet, but have nonetheless been succesfully used for millenia.

And thats what they are NOT promoting from every household appliance:

  • Proper diet
  • No stress
  • Excercise/yoga
  • Lots of sleep
  • Cold training
  • Spending time in nature
  • Meditation
  • Positive thinking

There are more, if you study the topic, but this is enough for the absolute majority.

Of course this does not make you 100% invulnerable. Of course there are pathogens against which even the strongest immunity is helpless. There are people who lead a very healthy way of life and still die young from terrible disease. But those are individual cases.

In the majority, these simple things are game changers and can do you infinitely more good than anything recommended by the media (who are mostly unhealthy overworked reporters living on coffee and cigarettes themselves) or big pharma (who earn money on your illnesses).

If you are stressed, tired, underslept, eating fastfood, overweight, unhappy and your thoughts are constantly about how bad things are…. how do you expect anything to improve??

5. Conclusion

If you are alive, healthy and free, you literally have the entire world at your feet. Without exaggeration.

Most rich people whom I know come from places you wont even find on the map, from total misery, depression and poverty. And I have seen dozens of useless rich kids waste the fortunes which they got for free from their parents.

Saying that someone is just lucky is nothing more than an excuse for not doing anything yourself. Under identical circumstances two different people will have totally different results. Its your head that matters in the end, not whats around you.

This world wants you to go out and do something. And it shows you exactly what it wants you to do by giving you energy and opportunity when you are doing the right thing.

And it also makes you develop, acquire new qualities, by putting personally tailored obstacles in your path which are designed to train specific qualities in you.

In order to get things you never had, you must do things you never did. As the Romans said “luck favours the brave”.

I guess thats more than enough for anyone enough to do in the new year, lockdown or not.

What say you? 🙂


  • H. G. says:

    Ich möchte mich auch bedanken für die 7 geilen Songs.Deine Meinung über Depressionen finde ich in Ordnung aber es gibt zahlreiche Varianten welche nicht einfach abzustellen sind. Aber was solls, jeden Tag genießen ist mein Motto 👍🤘

  • Herbert Zöllner says:

    Hello Jane and Aor,
    first off all THANK YOU for the grat free Songs!! They are great and after I listened to them I ordered the Live on Earth Album.
    I am always looking for new bands and I foun one: Imperial Age
    Finaly I listened to the download of Live on Earth Album and I decided that I want to see you live on stage, hopefully in the south-west of Germany.
    Stay safe and healthy!

  • Mellisa Stuckert says:

    Thank you for introducing me to your music. I am always looking for new bands and genres to enjoy and introduce to my 5 kids ranging from teens to late twenties to broaden their minds. Three are musicians playing multiple instruments.

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