New band & individual pictures

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First individual pictures… ever :))


  • Bert Peters says:

    Ich habe euch per Zufall entdeckt und bin hin und weg. Ich dachte schon, ich hätte im Metal alles gehört, aber ihr seid der Hammer. Eine der besten Bands ever. Viele Grüße von eurem neuen Fan aus Deutschland, Bert 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • manager says:

    Hallo, Bert! Vielen Dank, es ist fantastisch was du gesagt hast zu hören!! ))

  • Werner says:

    Ihr macht eine klasse Musik. Ihr habt in mir einen neuen Fan.

  • Joshua Chometa says:

    Huh, nice pictures.

  • Leon Rengers says:

    I have listed your music and i love it very and i hope to hear more from imperial age and il will buy your music and il hope to come to holland. Greetz from leon

  • Heather R Goldman says:

    I just was introduced to your music, and have to say that I love it! It is mesmerizing and entrancing…I hope you eventually make it to the states, because I would love to see you live! For now, I will say, Hello from Maryland, USA and hope to see you soon!

  • Gabriel says:

    Wow, something new and unique from Russia 🇷🇺 I love that, you guys are pretty awesome, You guy need to come to Canada, I know, metal heads will love you.

  • Richard Frederick says:

    You guys and gals absolutely Rock, I crank your music up when going to work to pump me for a great day. Keep it coming!

  • Kenneth L Bish says:

    I love you music but having trouble downloading it

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