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With half the venues already closed and PM Johnson ordering all the others to close tomorrow, we have no choice but to move our UK tour to September.

The good news is that we will see ALL of you guys, and even more people – at a more cheerful time.

DATES. Our booking agent is working with the UK promoter and venues right now to confirm the new dates which will be in late September or early October. Expect confirmations within a few days.

TICKETS. All tickets remain valid so please hold on to them (we are experimentally selling e-tickets from our own website which means the moment you buy them your name is on the door and no printout is needed but you can print the receipt if you want to).

REFUNDS. We will provide refunds if you need them – just drop a line to However, if you can avoid it, please do so – it will have to come from our pocket because all the concert revenue has been re-invested into further concert advertising.

IN THE MEANTIME. We are organizing a big online concert with stage sound and light and multiple cameras, with a free admission. Stay tuned and stay safe!!


  • Bernie says:

    How powerful your music is along with wonderful melody and harmony…I’ll be your greatest fan in Germany !! See you in the UK for sure, stay sound

  • AJ says:

    Enjoyed the live stream show and looking forward to the rearranged show at Rebellion Manchester in September

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