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You guys have tremendous patience, and we LOVE you for that!! We had a significant delay in the shipments because the manufacturer delivered insufficient quality and we had to re-print almost the whole thing.

As a little compensation we added some thingies to the orders which were DVD or CD-only (we simply can’t add anything to the bundles because those bundles already have everything)).

This was also an entire quest – not just for our staff, but for the band too. We have a full-time shop person – Chritine – who packs your orders every day all day long and takes them to the post office. The post office team knows us very well and are always happy to see her with full bags of parcels  All the stock is stored in a specially rented garage not far from her home…

We also have our full-time manager/PR manager/assistant Natalie (whom you know from the Live on Earth concert). Her job is to organize everything non-artistic that has to do with the band, and this includes manufacturing CDs, DVDs, merch and organizing the entire logistics.

However, this time you guys ordered so much that we had to call in the entire band to help Christine out! We spent 3 days packing your orders all together, and then another 4 days were spent by Aor, Jane and Christine to pack the rest and finalize and triple-check all the orders.

The post office received three batches of parcels over the last week, and they had to stay overnight to put them all into the system – and the next day Christine types them into the store CMS so that you guys get your tracking numbers… Actually, the last batch of orders is still being proccessed – most of you have already received the emails with tracking, but those who didn’t will get them tomorrow or on Sunday (yes, no weekends )).

In any case, we are good students and we learn fast. Now that this has been done, we are already preparing our own little operation for the upcoming new album, which is projected to sell not just more than the DVD – which sells amazingly – but several time more! We are already searching for helpers for Christine and the printing will start **4 months** before release date so as to avoid any possible delays.

We can’t say how much we are grateful and thankful to all of you for making this possible and for your angelic patience in the face of the delay we had!

A few years ago we were a little band begging to be signed by anyone – and totally ignored by the industry. Today we are declining record deals and are shipping thousands of orders worldwide – getting 100% of the money as opposed to 10-12% that we would have had from a label.

This isnt success how we imagined it – this is much, much more fun!! )

P.S. If you haven’t ordered it but would like to – here’s the link:


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