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Admission FREE of charge! DONATIONS welcome!!

JOIN THE STREAM: http://www.imperial-age.com/stream

While most of the world is in lockdown, live music moves to the Internet, and so we are doing something we have never done before! On 25th April we will play a full show in Moscow, Russia, with costumes, stage decorations, sound and light.

We will be playing a 120-minute set including most of our songs plus some new ones from our upcoming album which have never been played before. In between the songs we will be chatting and answering your questions in real time – directly from the stage.

The show will take place in a specially rented venue, with the sound captured directly from the mixing console and the picture filmed with 4 professional TV cameras. All of this will be mixed and STREAMED LIVE IN REAL TIME WORLDWIDE in FULL HD quality on our website through a dedicated broadband Internet connection.

The broadcast is delivered by the same team of professionals who brought you The Legacy of Atlantis music video under the leadership of our friend and film director Alexander Kadyanov. This will essentially be a live music video of 20+ songs broadcast in real time.

! Watching the live concert will be FREE OF CHARGE for everyone everywhere in the world !

However, we are putting significant costs towards it from our own pocket, and all the musicians and crew involved (14 people + venue) have to be paid, so there will be a ‘DONATE’ button right under the video – so that those of you who are able to do so might support the event with as much as you can.

We expect thousands of people to stream the show from all over the world at the same time, making this a virtual arena and our biggest show to date 🙂 Together with our hosting provider we are making sure that the web server will cope with the amount of people tuning in.

There will be a live chat right below the video where you can post your questions and comments and all band members will be taking turns to answer them between the songs.

We look forward to seeing you there with us! Lets have some metal positivity amidst this worldwide crisis and help those in most need at the same time!!

JOIN THE STREAM: http://www.imperial-age.com/stream


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