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The second album by Imperial Age is a full-scale Symphonic Metal opera set in the Middle Ages in Europe and in the legendary advanced civilization of Atlantis

The album was recorded with 3 musicians from THERION, 2 musicians from ARKONA and the Moscow Conservatory Chamber Choir

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“The Legacy of Atlantis is the kind of album that will be remembered for years to come, my grandchildren will later tell stories to their children that I was there when Imperial Age released The Legacy of Atlantis. Such an album it is.”
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“Despite the school of Therion, Imperial Age live a life of their own, with a personal style and original creativity.”
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Aor explains: ❝ Our civilization is not the first one on this planet. Before us, there were others. Some of them were much more advanced than us. Modern civilization started 10 000 – 5 000 years ago with the dawn of ancient Egypt and Sumer. These cultures, however, were built on the ruins of a previous one.

By approximately 60 000 years ago this previous civilization had reached the peak if its power. It had united the planet, developed complicated technologies and colonized distant star systems. But, most importantly, it had studied and developed the human consciousness, giving birth to a small number of superhuman beings who could change the physical world with their thought and restore their identity in every next incarnation.

Around 65 000 years ago the great civilization perished as a result of a planetary cataclysm, known today as The Great Flood. Survivors were scarce and most of them returned to the Stone Age. The few reincarnated superhumans, however, remembered much of the knowledge of their homeland and have since then been guiding humanity, known at different times as pagan Gods, Mages, Prophets, Mystics, Gurus etc.

This great civilization is known today as Atlantis – a name coined by the Greek philosopher Plato, who was an occult practitioner and member of a powerful Ancient Greek magical order. Most religions and occult practices stem from one source – Atlantic knowledge. Most of the megalithic structures, which are impossible to rebuild even today, were built with remaining Atlantean technology after the great disaster. The Magicians of Atlantis are still present in the world today, slowly uniting it and rebuilding the previous glory of humankind…

The opera must be listened in full, from beginning to end, in order to get the full picture and experience the full feeling. 

The album features four lead singers (Aor, Anna Kiara, Jane Odintsova and Thomas Vikstrom), together with the Chamber Choir of the P.I. Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory. 

(c) Imperial Age 2018 | (p) Adulruna Records 2018



1. The Awakening
2. The Legacy of Atlantis
4. The Monastery
5. Life Eternal
5. Domini Canes
6. Love Eternal
7. The Escape
8. Islands in Time
9. And I Shall Find My Home


Released January 31, 2018

Recorded, mixed and mastered at CDM Records by Sergey Lazar. Produced by Alexander Osipov.

All music written by Alexander Osipov except The Awakening written by Jane Odintsova and Life Eternal written by Alexander Osipov & Jane Odintsova. All lyrics by Alexander Osipov. Orchestra and choir parts written and arranged by Alexander Osipov. Choir conducted by Taras Yasenkov.

Alexander Osipov (Avva Rama) – tenor; 
Jane Odintsova (Horacia) – mezzo soprano; 
Anna Moiseeva (Karina) – soprano; 
Thomas Vikström [THERION] (Gregory) – tenor; 
Nalle Påhlsson [THERION] – bass, guitar, acoustic guitar; 
Andrey Ishenko [ARKONA] – drums; 
Christian Vidal [THERION] – solo guitar; 
Sergey Lazar [ARKONA] – rhythm guitar in And I Shall Find My Home,
Pavel Maryashin – solo guitar.

Album artwork by Jan Yrlund. Photography by Vasily Sokolov. Costume design by Jane Odintsova. Costume production by Dmitry Varg. Costume painting by Zoia Raido.