Thank You!

Thank You!

Dear friends!

2022 has been the most difficult year for us so far.

If not for your tremendous support, Imperial Age would have ceased to exist.

We would be locked in an isolated totalitarian country, without any hope of continuing to do what we love: playing Metal. We would probably have to find ourselves a “regular job”, or if we got jailed that would not be necessary…

Only your support made it possible for us to find Freedom and to continue doing what we do, continue being what we are, speaking what we think and playing the music we want to play.

Thanks to your help we released the New World album and toured Europe at a time when absolutely everyone – including our agent and concert promoters – thought it impossible.

Thanks to your unending patience towards the delays we managed to re-settle and make things work once again.

Thank you infinitely!! We will not fail your trust and if we all stay alive, healthy and free – we promise you that 2023 will rock like no year before!!

The opportunities you have armed us with make it possible to move mountains.

Happy New Year!!!

grateful and happy,
Aor, Jane

2 thoughts on “Thank You!

  • Lisa Richmond

    You are Absafuckenlutely amazing & you deserve everything you want to do. Stay true & free xx Lisa NZ

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