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T-Shirts From UK Tour Interrupted by War: To Help Ukrainian Civilians in Need!

T-Shirts From UK Tour Interrupted by War: To Help Ukrainian Civilians in Need!

(50% of profits are donated to humanitarian causes)

In March 2022 we were to play 4 shows in the UK which had already been postponed by 2 years due to covid.

Unfortunately, just as we started receiving our visas, Russia invaded Ukraine, planes stopped flying and we never got those visas (although the decisions had been made by UKVI). Instead of going on tour, we urgently emigrated to another country.Ahead of the tour we printed 150 t-shirts with the March tourdates – to sell at the shows.

Now those dates are no longer relevant, as the tour has been postponed to September 2022. But those 150 t-shirts are still there.

So we decided to put them to good use and alleviate at least a tiny bit of the damage that the Russian government (we won’t write “our country” – because the best people of our country are totally against this madness) has done to our neighbors.

So, if you order one of these t-shirts now:

– you get a unique souvenir
– we recoup our costs
– the civilians in Ukraine get a little help – because we will transfer 50% of all the profits to them.

Order Now:

By the way – we are in search of a good fund to do this right now.

If you know one – please tell us!

-Aor, Jane

Front: ‘New World’ album cover
Back: UK Tour March 2022 dates (postponed due to war)

P.S. The price is in British Pounds, but the t-shirts SHIP WORLDWIDE! Feel free to order from ANYWHERE. (Only exceptions are Russia, Belarus, Iran and North Korea – we are operating through a US company.)

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