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We have received a lot of requests from a lot of bands all over the world to join us at our UK concerts in April 2020.

We have given it a thorough thought and this is what we have come up with:

“These days its very hard for new bands to get themselves heard. Labels don’t sign new bands, they want them to build up a fanbase first – and even then its extremely hard. Promoters aren’t really interested in them either. Usually bands have to pay an arm and a leg for everything, and the conditions aren’t good.

We have experienced this ourselves and only huge support from you – our fans, allowed us to start doing music full-time without the help of a record label.

However, Destiny has been very good to us, and a few years ago we were very kindly helped by Christofer Johnsson when he allowed us to join the Therion European tour at a time when we were totally unknown in Europe.

So we would like to give back as much as we can.

We want to give new bands an opportunity – so we will be setting up a competition among young UK bands.”

– Aor & Jane



The competition starts on the 24th Jan 2020 and ends on the 14th Feb 2020.


To take part in the competition, your band should be:

(a) Based in the UK (i.e. founding member(s)/leader(s) permanently live in the UK)
(b) Playing Metal (sub-genre does not matter!)

Step 1 (24 Jan – 04 Feb)

If you want to take part, please:

(a) Share this post ( on your band page and on all your band members’ individual pages in Facebook and Instagram. Use the #imperialageuk hashtag.

(b) Make a post on your Facebook & Instagram band page(s), using the #imperialageuk_support hashtag and containing:

– Short band bio (100-200 words)
– Link to your best song / video (we can’t listen to entire albums)
– Your best band photo
– Links to your website, YouTube & social media profiles (whatever exists)

Step 2 (04 Feb – 14 Feb)

After Step 1 is completed:

(a) We will look at all the submissions made in Step 1, and choose 10 bands that we like the most.
(b) We will post a poll on our Facebook Page with those 10 bands in it, and the fans will establish the winner through a vote.

What the winner gets

The winner becomes support band for our 2020 UK tour. This includes free of charge:

(a) a 60-minute set before us
(b) a 60-minute sound check after us with proper sound & light setup
(c) dressing room
(d) catering
(e) selling merch (you can use our merch stand or your own as you please)
(f) promotion (you will be in all news & other types of coverage regarding the tour)
(g) discounted tickets for your fans
(h) guest list of +1 for every band & crew member

What is not included

(a) Sound / light engineer (you can bring your own or you can work with the in-house engineers, or you can talk to ours – we pay them and you will have to pay them as well, but  we are sure you can strike a good deal. Our sound engineer is Sergei Lazar – also the guitarist of ARKONA).
(b) Transport & lodging (you have to settle this yourselves)

Tour Dates

16th April 2020 – London | The Dome
17th April 2020 – Birmingham | Asylum
18th April 2020 – Manchester | Rebellion
19th April 2020 – Glasgow | Ivory Blacks


No commissions or any other hidden fees!

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  • Pete says:

    I presume the novel coronavirus pandemic has scuttled these plans. Bummer. Your music is excellent.

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