World Metal Press About Imperial Age

Here are some quotes from different printed and online metal media reviews from all over the world regarding our albums over the last few years:


“It even beats Nightwish and Avantasia in terms of epicness.”

© Fireworks Magazine (UK)


“Aor has proven to be one of the most creative composers of XXI century Russia.”

© (ES)


“The appearance of IMPERIAL AGE on the Russian metal scene can be compared to the birth of a new star on the horizon – so unexpectedly and brightly has this project started to shine amongst all the local bands.”

© DarkCity Magazine (RU)


“The Legacy of Atlantis is the kind of album that will be remembered for years to come, my grandchildren will later tell stories to their children that I was there when Imperial Age released The Legacy of Atlantis. Such an album it is.”

© (US)


“Despite the school of Therion, Imperial Age live a life of their own, with a personal style and original creativity.”

© (IT)


“The Legacy Of Atlantis is solid, modern metal – heavy and melodic with capable musicianship, talented singers, and excellent composition.”

© The Great Metal Debate (US)


“The Legacy Of Atlantis is a record very good and sonically pleasing. It is almost all based on vocal lyric, both female and male. The songs are well crafted and produced and the composition of the arrangements and orchestrations are excellent.”

© (UK)


“A great album that Symphonic metal fans are going to enjoy.”

© (UK)


“62 min of a DREAM.”

© Oriffs Shop (FR)


“If you are enthusiastic about symphonic metal, the Russian Imperial Age will fascinate you.”

© Tarrazu (ES)

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