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Our first headliner tour – The Legacy of Atlantis Tour 2019 – is over… But the road has just began!

Our first headliner tour – The Legacy of Atlantis Tour 2019 – is over… But the road has just began!

Dear everyone! From 16th January to 26th March 2019 we were far away from home: we drove more than 23 000 km in our own minivan, visited 15 different countries and played 34 concerts.

We survived: 
– the frontman breaking his arm and flying home for an operation in the beginning of the tour (and successfully coming back)
– pushing the van up in the snows of the Carpathian mountains
– loosing all our drum cymbals and later finding them again in the Netherlands
– a few broken wheels and a misplaced gearbox
– our trailer cut open and clothes stolen in Scotland
– getting stuck in a raincloud on a 1900m mountain peak in Bulgaria at night
– 10 border controls
– each other’s presence for 2.5 months…

We enjoyed:
– Thousands of happy faces on our concerts
– Hundreds of hours of playing metal from the stage
– Tons of new friends and colleagues
– Everyday parties, jokes and positive pastime
– Beautiful countries and wonderful people
– Three holidays on the Atlantic and the Mediterranean (Portugal, Spain & Greece)
– Good merch sales…

We are deeply grateful to:
– All of you our fans who came to our shows. You mean the world to us!! We shall see you soon!
 Asgaardian Events & Sabri Julien Patzelt for organising our first European headliner tour
 Henk Mol, Carlos Freitas, Scot Reedy, Hector Herrero Mayor, Underground The Pub, METALWINGS, molllust for organising our shows in the UK, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria & Romania
 Joost Hoogenboom for taking care of our merch and being the megapositive person he is 
– Bucovina, Rotting Christ for allowing us to support them
 Alia Tempora, Baumbart, Beneath My Sins, Cruadalach, Instorm, METALWINGS, molllust, Runika, Sechem, Serpentyne, Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy, Windmill and all the other bands who supported us on this huge tour
– All the crew who did a great job for us in so many cities and under so many various circumstances
– All the photographers & press who made wonderful photos (which we will be posting in our Instagrams for quite a while, he-he))) and wrote amazing reviews

Right now we are:
– Chilling out after the tour
– Preparing to film the Legacy of Atlantis music video (we received a lot of money via crowdfunding, but even more in person after shows – that is a separate story altogether)
– Writing new music for the new album
– … and something else (as usual, this is the most important and thus the most secret part)

We love you!!!


3 thoughts on “Our first headliner tour – The Legacy of Atlantis Tour 2019 – is over… But the road has just began!

  • Hi Guys
    Thank you for the free songs (they are great) I have ordered the live signed abum. I am a big fan of all rock music and also an amateur photographer who loves to photograph live gigs. If I ever get the chance to see you guys live, (I live in Leeds, Yorkshire, England) I would love the opportunity to photograph you live on stage.
    Looking forward to the live album and hopefully seeing you live in the not too distant future.
    Mick Isaacs

  • Ralf Dinstühler

    Wie ich erschreckend festellen musste, habe ich euch in Deutschland wohl verpasst! Nächstes mal aber bestimmt dabei! LG Ralf

  • Steve Hill

    Thank you for putting so much effort into what you do. It means a lot. Sadly I missed you playing live in Manchester, UK this year, and on my birthday too. Next time I’ll be there though! 🤘🏻Keep up the good work, the amazing tunes and fantastic costumes. Enjoy your chill time, you’ve earned it. 🙂

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