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Announcing New Single: “Legend of the Free” – out May 27

Announcing New Single: “Legend of the Free” – out May 27

Our new single “Legend of the Free” will be released on 27th May together with a new music video.

This is the second single from our upcoming album “New World” – and one of the most important tracks there. When we wrote it a year ago we could not even imagine how relevant its message would be to the world…

The song is about a little legend of a bird that was unaware that it could fly, but then suddenly one day realized its potential… and no one saw it ever again. You have heard it many times in different cultures and from different authors, but it never loses its actuality.

This entire album turned out to be scarily prophetic, with songs about freedom, exploration, denial of authority, war, travelling to distant shores without a hope to return, finding one’s path in a rapidly changing world and many other very relevant topics.

The single will be released on all digital platforms and CD.

Crowdfunders! You will of course get the full download 2 weeks before release date 🙂

Track List (digital)
1. Legend of the Free

Track List (CD)
1. Legend of the Free
2. Legend of the Free (symphonic)
3. Legend of the Free (live)
4. Legend of the Free (instrumental)

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