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NEW ALBUM: “New World” release date 27 Aug 2022

NEW ALBUM: “New World” release date 27 Aug 2022

It is exactly one year since you guys have given us $65,000 to record our new album “New World” + 5 music videos.Fast forward to today – the album is recorded, the videos are filmed, we are preparing for release.

Yet, its not exactly as we planned – dirty politics and villainy interfered. Our release schedule was planned back in November 2021, but because of the war and having to move to another country it all went sideways. As a result, the media will not get the album in time for review, Spotify editorials will not have the time to check out our songs, we wont publish as many singles as we wanted to, and those 3 music videos will come in later than the songs.

But nonetheless, we only shift the release date by 3 weeks – only in order to have the time to produce all the CDs and merch properly. The rest is not so important. The vinyls will come in MUCH later – they take 3 months minimum to be produced. (Crowdfunders – that additional shipping will be on us).

The mix is almost ready and we are working on the final bits with our sound engineer. Once its ready the Crowdfunders will receive it.

The 3 music videos which we shot last week are in post-production, and it will take some time, so some of them will be released in September while we are on tour.

There will be at least 1 more single – “The Wheel” – before the album release (accompanied by a live clip immediately and a full music video – later).We also decided to release the “Live New World” Blu-Ray/DVD together with the album!

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  • Timothy Eastman

    So is the album released yet? When will crowdfunders receive the pack? I ordered the $75 bronze bundle and was wondering when I could expect shipment. Thank you.

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