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Unfortunately, Paul and Max have decided to leave us. We have been discussing this for some time with them, and we saw it coming. It is of course sad for us, but we respect their private lives and personal choices. We wish them the best of luck in whatever they decide to do next.

There has been no conflict whatsoever, and after 5 years of playing together we will remain good friends (and Paul is married to Anna anyway).

Imperial Age will continue as a Western band, with a new guitarist and drummer. Right now we need to fill these positions ASAP for the EU and UK tours in September and October – for which we are preparing on full speed. Tomorrow we will publish the vacancies, but if you wish to join the band – you can already drop us a line.
Because of tours & visas, we can only consider colleagues who are citizens of the following territories: EU, UK, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Ukraine, Moldova, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan.

We would be especially honoured if colleagues from Ukraine could join us – it would be a great demonstration of a unified effort against the evil we are all suffering from.

Here are the messages from Paul and Max:
“Dear friends, I have decided to leave Imperial Age.
The reason for this is that with my current day job I have no possibility to continue touring anymore and I don’t want to fail the band.
I’m totally grateful for these amazing 5 years we spent together touring, playing music and having fun, and for showing me what true fan support can be!
I wish the guys all the best and hope to see them on the Music Olympus one day!
-Paul Maryashin”

“Hi everyone, this is Max Talion and many of you know me as the Imperial Age drummer. With deep regret I have to inform you that due to family circumstances I will not be able to take part in the upcoming tours. Sh*t happens. But the show must go on. I hope that during this difficult time you will support the band and come headbanging to their shows.
Info about the drummer vacancy will be published by the band separately.
I wish everyone peace and to remain free!
-Your Max Talion”


  • Marcus

    My first song I heard from this talented wonderful amazing band was Legacy of Atlantis. I fell in love with this band and their music. I am saddened to hear about Paul and Max’s departure. I wish you all the very best in all that you do.
    Hawaii fan and look forward to seeing you live one day.


    Sorry to hear that 2 such fine artists are leaving your great band, but i am elated that you all have bonded not just on a musical level but in your relationships, I wish both MAX and PAULTHE BEST THAT LIFE HAS TO OFFER! And I hope you find replacements as soon as possible, but am also hoping for a REUNION TOUR on day,! To you all i pray stay safe, blessed and and have many wonderful journeys, UNTIL ATLANTIS RISES, your fan JOHN SCOTT!

  • Birgit Wiemann

    It saddens us that Paul and Max are leaving the Band, but change determine life. We wish both all the best for the future and hope that you will find a replacement that suits to you.

  • Deborah

    I wish both of you all the best in the future, Life happens and I am glad to have heard such musicianship as yours on the CDs. Thank you both

  • Jonathan

    Wishing the very best for all concerned. It can never be an easy decision, and it’s rare that it’s as amicable as it was in this case. I applaud the courage and respect shown by all.
    Alfar, aka Jonathan from Manchester

  • Chris

    That sucks that they had to leave, but it’s understandable too. I’ve only been a fan for a short time, but I appreciate all the work they put in.

    Good luck Paul and Max, thank you for all your hard work with Imperial Age! I hope you can return some day soon!

  • Kreg Wolfe Sr

    Sorry to hear about both of them leaving the band. Good luck with whatever you both doing next. ROCK ON AND ROCK HARD

  • Gail

    Farewells to Paul & Max. I’ve enjoyed your awesome guitar playing & drumming. Best wishes for your futures.

  • Gaz Milner

    It was great while it lasted, but I wish both Max and Paul the very best of luck in their new positions.
    Best Wishes to them both.
    Gazzz (uK)

  • Rick

    Good luck to Paul and Max. Life,s circumstances and curve balls can change the dynamics of a family and an organization like Imperial Age so it brings about changes that we all must deal with. Again good luck to Paul and Max.

    • Jon

      Sorry to hear Max & Paul are leaving the band. Wish them both good fortune for the future and best wishes to the rest of you. All the best, Jon

  • Peter Taylor

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the music of Imperial Age for the last 4 or so years. However eras change and I wish Paul and Max every success in the future, whatever they do, just keep rocking.
    Some bands change personnel nearly as often as the rest of us change our socks and they don’t stop being successful, same for Imperial Age! Good luck
    Peter Washington England

  • Jean-Francois Pirenne

    Sad news indeed. I wish all the the best to Max and Paul in thzir new life. I hope that replacing musicians will be found in time, and the tours will continue as planned. Jane, AoR: please do not go in hiatus with Imperial Age.Greetings from Brlgium.

  • YE

    Paul & Max
    I wish you two the best!
    I’m sure one day there will be a reunion!
    Until then…

    • Brett

      I meant to say it is ad that they are leaving the band, it was great 7 years with you guys in the band! Hope you both the best in the future.

  • Mike

    Good luck to Paul and Max!!! Sorry to hear about your departure but totally understand. Shit happens!!! Would have loved to see you with the band, still hoping to see Imperial Age in the USA!!! Good luck to all and keep rockin!!rocking!!! Mike Iowa USA

  • Alcides

    Paul and Max. Please come back. You have a good project , do not let it die . Imperial Age, needs everyone. A hug . Alcides Almeida

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