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ONLINE CONERT: “Live New World” With Orchestra & Choir – 26th Dec 2021

ONLINE CONERT: “Live New World” With Orchestra & Choir – 26th Dec 2021

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Imperial Age are not only Eastern Europe’s most famous Symphonic Metal band, they are a band that managed to achieve worldwide success with just their own efforts and support from fans, who have recently invested over 62,000 USD into the production of the band’s new album ‘New World’.

This was done as part of a kickstarter campaign in August 2021 – a campaign that has once again proven that a new era of Independent Music has started on the entire Planet – without labels, media giants and corrupt press – an era of pure creativity and direct interaction between musicians and their fans.

According to more experienced colleagues and other people who have heard the new album – it is a breath of fresh air in the genre of Symphonic Metal, but you don’t have to believe what they say. We offer you to form your own opinion on 26th of December 2021, when the band will play their new album plus the best of previous ones during the ‘LIVE NEW WORLD” online concert.

The show is going to be unprecedented, for several reasons:

– The participation of a chamber orchestra and academic choir
– New costumes and stage design by the band- 8 cameras filming in FULL HD with real-time montage and broadcast (the footage will later be published on Blu-Ray)
– A huge hall designed for large-scale TV and film production, with perfect sound & light

– And most importantly – this will be a 100% LIVE ONLINE show, without any editing, “plastic”, re-recording and other traits of many modern “live shows”. You will also be able to ask your questions for the band and get answers in real-time in-between songs.

Such a large-scale show is exclusively effort-consuming, with almost 60 specialists involved. Such a budget is unbearable for an independent band alone, which is another reason to underline that all this is only possible with your support!The previous “lockdown” online show, ‘Live on Earth’, which happened in April 2020, was viewed by more than 38,000 people, and thanks to donations we managed to recoup all the costs, which is what we are also hoping for this time.Thank you for making it possible!! 🤘🤘

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