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On Friday January 22, 2021 at 19:00 CET two beautiful singers of Imperial Age and Eluveitie will come together online and answer the questions from their fans.

JANE ODINTSOVA is the leader, composer and singer of Imperial Age – the most internationally famous symphonic metal band from Russia and also a medical doctor by education.

FABIENNE ERNI is a well-known singer, the vocalist of Eluveitie and Illumishade – one of the most famous Swiss bands in the modern world of metal.

The ladies will meet online on the Imperial Age YouTube channel to discuss various topics which include:

  • Music & the music industry
  • Their backgrounds
  • Their personal plans for the rest of the year
  • The plans of their bands

And, of course, fans will be able to post questions and get answers in real time!

Watch YouTube live stream here: www.youtube.com/imperialageofficial

Don’t miss a chance to watch two gorgeous ladies online this Friday!


  • Wm. Stretch Schaler says:

    Like Mr. Davies, TSO fan. And Canadian artist “Leah”. (Celtic Metal)But Your operatic style of vocals is Powerful! And would Love to see you come to the USA/Midwest.(St Louis)

  • Ray Davies says:

    I stumbled on you folks by accident and now I am here to stay. My normal listening habits are Classical, Folk, and easy Listening. My Metal experience is mainly with Trans Siberian Orchestra, and now you folks. You have great voices and a great band. I hope that one of these days you will tour the mid-west of the USA. Thank you for the great music.

  • This is going to the whole band in imperial age I’m just wondering when you will have any of your stuff on vinyl looking forward to see it on vinyl thank you a big fan Anthony from over the pond USA

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