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PATREON: Official Launch

PATREON: Official Launch

Your Backstage Pass to our world is here!
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We don’t like asking for money – we decline major label contracts because you buy enough of our music for us to eat, to feed the cat and to buy clothes. The majority of the world is much worse off, so we are OK.

However, if our fans – YOU – give us money, we like to give you some REAL VALUE in return.

Problem is – we don’t consider the regular Patreon / Kickstarter perks which most other bands offer (like shout-outs, personal cards, “I will send you a thank you message”, “I will let you listen my album 3.5567 days ahead of its release” etc.) to be Real Value. We ourselves are fans of other bands just like you. And we would not be interested in those kinds of things from those bands.

So what is Real Value then? What would we ourselves want to receive from our favourite bands?

We spent months thinking about this. And the short answer is – A BACKSTAGE PASS TO THEIR WORK AND THEIR LIFE. We would want to see what is usually hidden from the eye. We want to see how they make their songs. We want to see how they rehearse. What meaning do they put into their art. What is their day like. What do they do in life outside the band.

Normally, artists never reveal that kind of stuff. They only show the end result of their work. But the process of creating that work, as well as their actual lives, remain hidden. Even when “making of” videos are released, they are a) very rare, b) short and c) very polished/edited. Painters don’t show rough sketches of their paintings, musicians don’t show the first drafts of their songs (together with unsuccessful vocal doubles), film makers don’t show how the movie is made – because all those things are not yet good enough… And that is the very reason why it can’t be shared with the general public. But its so interesting, isn’t it??!!

So what do we do? There is a ton of things we would like to share with you, but we can’t do it on Facebook or Instagram for everyone to see… How do we solve this?

Luckily, we live in the XXI century and we have Patreon! Patreon allows us to gate access to private stuff and to share those things only with a small group of dedicated supporters – YOU.

So the main idea of this Patreon page is that here we share things which we would not share on social media due to privacy reasons. But now you have the privilege of coming here and sitting with us – and our life is anything but boring, hehe )))

This page is your Backstage Pass to our world – from our music to our everyday lives.
And we are stocked to seeing you on the other side!!

P.S. every cent received via this page is invested into the promotion of Imperial Age across the world – mostly through online advertising such as Facebook/Instagram ads. We don’t take anything for ourselves. Instead, we grow like a snowball. With your help. Thank you!

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