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Full Show at Durbuy Rock [video]

Full Show at Durbuy Rock [video]

Despite being shot on just one iPhone, this video is still good enough to convey you the incredible atmosphere of this small rock open air and show you how it feels to be at an Imperial Age concert. Enjoy!! ))

01. The Awakening (music by Jane Odintsova)
02. The Legacy of Atlantis (music by Aor)
03. The Escape (music by Aor)
04. The Monastery (music by Aor)
05. Domini Canes (music by Aor)
06. Death Guard (music by Aor)
07. Aryavarta (music by Aor)
08. Anthem of Valour (music by Aor)
09. And I Shall Find My Home (music by Aor)

Filmed in Durbuy, Belgium, 06 April 2018

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