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Contract with Rubicon Music signed (Japan)

Contract with Rubicon Music signed (Japan)

IMPERIAL AGE HAVE SIGNED A CONTRACT WITH RUBICON MUSIC (JAPAN) COVERING ALL DISCOGRAPHY. The release will also include 11 bonus tracks which have never been released before. All three CDs will be released on 27th June 2018.

祝!日本盤発売!6/27に新作含む3タイトルのアルバムを同時リリースする、ロシア最強のシンフォニック・メタルバンド、IMPERIAL AGEより、バンドの中心人物、アレキサンダー(AOR)とジェーンの2人が日本のファンにメッセージ!!

During our European tour (as I remember, while we were traveling from Greece to Bulgaria) Christofer Johnsson told me that he had been contacted from Japan by a label that was willing to buy the rights for all our records in their country. It turned out to be Rubicon – a good label with some serious artists such as Uriah Heep, Holy Moses, Alestorm, Anvil, Visions of Atlantis etc.

They sent their offer and we accepted it immediately, since only the advance would be enough to recoup all the investment put into The Legacy of Atlantis from our side (as you know, we raised a lot of cash on crowdfunding thanks to you guys, but we had to put in a lot of our own money on top of that).

The only thing that Rubicon asked for in return for amazing conditions, was that we include some bonus tracks specifically for Japan. Luckily, we had just recorded our full show in Wroclaw (Poland), so Sergei Lazar quickly mixed and mastered it, we added some instrumental versions and came up with 11 (!!) bonus tracks on all three CDs – we decided to give our best )

So, eventually last week we signed the contract and now we are getting ready to play some shows in the Country of the Rising Sun (which will be part of the promo). I am delighted 

We are extremely grateful to Rubicon Music for their belief in our talents. We are very impatient to see the reaction of the Japanese audience and to tour Japan! I studied Karate and Aikido and I have a Samurai sword hanging over my bed.

Of course Jane Odintsova and myself recorded a video for all the Japanese fans out there, Rubicon added Japanese subtitles, and you can see it right here 👇

P.S. Labels from North America, South America and China. We are still up for grabs on those territories. Especially for Americans: recently the majority of our followers on FB are from South America and on Instagram – from the USA. So please contact now if you want to sell some ass-kicking New Wave of Symphonic Metal in your country!! If you are interested in sales stats – we have it and trust me its DAMN GOOD 

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